The Food Finder Program is a computer calculated, individualized food program which uses the most up to date and effective eating principles to give ultimate results and accommodate the life-styles of everyday people ranging from the housewife to the most competitive athlete.

The Food Finder program was designed to take the thinking out of eating properly, and to show you how to eat the most effectively without feeling deprived or hungry.

Finding the correct amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat for your diet can be a real challenge, especially if you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain your current weight. It has been solved with The Food Finder program. No more figuring out fat grams, calculating numbers, or trying to choose the right foods. It's all done for you. Food calculations are specifically designed to meet your goals.

In only 8-10 weeks all individuals tested on the program combined with a sound weight lifting program saw a complete transformation to their overall physique.

Designed for fat loss, muscle gain, and maintaining weight.


This program is designed to Find the right amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat for your body if you want to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain your current weight. Your food calculations have been designed specifically to meet your personal goals. No more figuring out grams, calculating numbers, or trying to pick the right foods. It is all done for you.


You will notice that your total calories for each day increase or decrease, the reason for this is to constantly trick your body so it does not adjust and stop making progress. The total calories for the week have been calculated for you to reach your goal.


You can substitute any of your foods as long as you replace it with the same food group, and calorie content.


The grocery list is for your convenience when you go shopping.


Your "Food Finder" is divided into five to seven meals this allows the food nutrients to be absorbed and replenished in small dosages without starving and stressing the body by waiting long periods before eating and then eating to much at one meal. Allow two to four hours between each meal. Even though the foods on your "Food Finder" are in a certain order, you may mix them in any order you like.


Your "Food Finder" does not stop you from eating out as long as you choose foods and portion sizes that are similar to the one’s on your program. Do not be embarrassed to ask for modifications to your meals, remember you are paying for your meal, and besides you will be surprised at how obliging and helpful waiters and waitress's can be in making your meal to your liking, remember they are in the hospitality business.


The body fat calendar is there for you to keep track of your progress. In order to know that you are gaining muscle and decreasing fat, you should check your body fat at least once a month.


The program contains step by step directions on how to perform all areas efficiently for maximum results.

This program is most effective when combined with a PERSONALIZED WEIGHT LIFTING PROGRAM


Calculating your foods

We must have certain information from you before ordering this program. Please go to PERSONALIZED FOOD INFO to enter all the information we need to customize your program.

The price for this program is $149.95

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