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Androplex 700 has been discontinued by the manufacturer because of the banning of Andro by the Government.

Please check out DHEA , CREATINE MONOHYDRATE , GABA , CLA , MET-RX , or DESIGNER WHEY PROTEIN for a replacement.

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AndroPlex 700 - what it is and how it works -- New AndroPlex 700 is a unique “hormonal-synergist” - a precise integration of 3 of the potent testosterone enhancing compounds. Each element in AndroPlex 700 supports testosterone production through its own unique metabolic pathway. You get 3 different stimuli synergistically supporting testosterone production from 3 different pathways.

It’s like swinging the bat three times at every pitch - you’re gonna get a hit!

Each potent dose of AndroPlex 700 contains:

500 milligrams of Tribulus Terrestris

100 milligrams of Androstenedione

100 milligrams DHEA

500 Milligrams of Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a potent medicinal herb that studies show increases your body's natural production of testosterone. Studies show that Tribulus Terrestris may stimulate an increase in luteinizing hormone (LH), signaling your body to produce and secrete into the bloodstream more testosterone - 30% more natural testosterone output! The “mode of action” by Tribulus Terrestris exerts its effect is important to this stack because it keeps your body producing its own natural testosterone but at higher output. No shutting down of this important hormonal cycle.

Tribulus Terrestris has been used for years by world class Bulgarian strength athletes. The Bulgarians are known throughout the world for their unbelievable strength and their domination of Olympic Weightlifting. It is believed that the use of Tribulus Terrestris contributed significantly to their success.

100 Milligrams of Androstenedione

Androstenedione is a potent androgen produced primarily in the adrenal gland. Androstenedione has been shown to to support the production of “free” (the non-bound biologically active) testosterone levels through a single enzymatic reaction in the liver.

100 Milligrams DHEA

DHEA is a “Prohormone” that is a precursor to testosterone achieved through a multi-chain enzyme reaction. DHEA is first converted to Androstenediol and Androstenedione. These two precursor substrates are then converted into testosterone.

Increase IGF-1 Levels by 71%

DHEA has been shown to increase testosterone, elevate IGF-1 levels by 71%, decrease body fat, and stimulate an increase in lean body mass.

Studies have also shown DHEA blocks the acute effects of stress induced cortisol secretion. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone that inhibits muscle growth.

This statement pulled from one controlled study concluded...

"These results suggest that in normal men DHEA administration reduces body fat, increases muscle mass, and reduces serum low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels."J Clin Endocrinol Metab 66 (1): 57-61 (Jan 1988)

Synergy (sin - er - gee)

Together, these 3 powerful elements may synergistically support the release and production of your body's most potent muscle-building hormone - testosterone.

Though each one of these unique compounds is effective in and of itself it is believed that by combining them in the right amounts and taking them at the right times you create a synergistic combination where the combined effects may be increased exponentially.

1 + 1 + 1 = 7

You may get a greater “net” synergistic effect combining these three compounds than the effect you get from each compound added together. That’s synergy.

Feel the powerful effects of AndroPlex 700 now! What a waste it is to pound out a gut wrenching workout after gut wrenching workout and not get the maximum amount of muscle growth possible. Every time you train you want to know you’re building muscle. With AndroPlex 700, you can make sure you are providing the nutritional support for optimal results.

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