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DHEA 1000 (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

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DHEA, has been called by many experts, "The Mother Hormone" because of its numerous positive effects on the body.

At the recent DHEA conference, a multitude of papers were presented extolling the benefits of oral DHEA therapy.

They also found an 89% increase in IGF-1(a powerful hormone with multi-faceted effects, most notable its growth hormone-like effects on body composition), a 14% decrease in body fat, and a 7.8% increase in lean body mass.

This indicates a significant increase in lean body mass at the expense of body fat.

Other discussions at this same conference centered on the cortisol-DHEA relationship.

Exercise has been shown to significantly raise serum cortisol levels.

In one study conducted by D. Jakubowicz and colleagues, 22 men took 300 mg. of DHEA nightly for 30 days. They observed an average 27% fall in insulin levels.

Another study revealed that high dose DHEA supplementation decreased body fat levels by 31% while maintaining the same overall body weight in just 28 days.

This study shows DHEA has the profound ability to significantly alter body composition to favor lean mass accrual.

Cortisol is a Catabolic(tissue breakdown) inducing stress hormone.

These exercise induced elevated cortisol levels may contribute profoundly to catabolic effects on muscle tissue.

DHEA has been shown to block some acute effects of stress induced cortisol.

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