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Size: 50 tablets

Price: $20.95

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International Shipping: $13.95 for 1-2 units

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Vita Biotic formulates specific combinations of natural ingredients to nutritionally support health maintenance.

Top specialists in the field of nutrition and preventive medicine were consulted to develop this hypoallergenic, comprehensive nutritional product which is supported by scientific literature, and used by enthusiastic physicians throughout the country.

Ingredients per 2 tablets.

Vitamin A (Palmitate) 10,000 IU

Vitamin C (Sago Palm) 500 mg

Bioflavonoids(Citrus) 500 mg

Echinacea angustifolia root, seed, freeze-dried root 455 mg

Garlic(Allium Sativa) 195 mg

Myrrh (Resin) 195 mg

Vita Biotic A unique combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients specifically chosen for it's Ability to nutritionally enhance the body's immune defense mechanisms and as a nutritional adjunct when antibiotics are prescribed.

Ginger Root (Zingiber) 97 mg

Cayenne (Capsicum) 65 mg

Zinc(Gluconate) 15 mg

Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCI) 15 mg

Magnesium(Amino Acid Chelate) 15 mg

DIRECTIONS: As a dietary supplement to aid in acute infections - take 2 tablets every 2 hours

As a dietary supplement to aid in chronic infections - take 2 tablets every 4 hours.

As a dietary supplement for general immune enhancement - 2 to 4 tablets per day.

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