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Potassium is one of the electrolytes, electrically-charged particles responsible for maintaining the right acid/base level and salt-and-water balance in the cells and fluid around the cells.

The other major electrolytes are sodium, chloride, and bicarbonate. Sodium and chloride are both minerals.

Potassium deficiency can cause muscular weakness, paralysis, heart rhythm irregularities, lethargy, and kidney and lung failure.

Homeostatic mechanisms tightly control potassium levels, usually preventing the severe symptoms seen with potassium deficiency or excess.

In addition to contributing to regulation of acid/base level and salt-and-water balance, potassium is also important for proper muscle contraction and nerve conduction.

Excess potassium can cause muscular weakness, paralysis, heart rhythm irregularities, and death.

However, athletes who exercise for long periods in the heat, or who take diuretics, run the risk of potassium deficiency due to losses in sweat and urine.

Potassium, RDA: 1875-5100 mg (male), 1875-5100 mg (female)

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