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Size: 12 Bars Flavor: Chocolate Chip Graham Cracker

Price: $34.95

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The amazing MET-Rx formula became popular with Hollywood insiders and elite athletes long before it was eased to the general public. Sylvester Stallone attributed his sculpted, muscular physique to MET-Rx.

Professional athletes found that MET-Rx increased their muscle mass, strength and stamina.

MET-Rx is not a supplement it's a total food product.

Metamyosyn, the main ingredient MET-Rx, is created from more than protein isolates as well as a number of powerful proteins that are virtually unknown to all but a handful of nutritional biochemists in the medical field. No other product contains this exclusive ingredient.

In contrast, weight gain products are incomplete and must be used in addition to a full diet (never alone). But three high protein servings of MET-Rx provide the most complete nutritional file you can get.

There's not a single empty calorie" no cheap fillers or nutrient waste for the body to process and store as excess fat.

Dr. Connelly a cardiac care specialist, who spent 11 years developing the product at a cost of 1.15 million dollars. His goal: to create a "perfect food" that, with strength training, would force the body's metabolism to burn fat and build muscle.

A single serving of MET-Rx contains more essential nutrients, key amino acids, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and important trace elements than you could ever hope to get from a meal with the same calorie content.

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