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Magnesium is not a trace mineral but a major entity in our bodies. Most of it is in our bones and in the waters within the cells.

Magnesium is absolutely essential for life. It is necessary for every major biologic process, including the metabolism of glucose, production of cellular energy, and the synthesis of nucleic acids and protein.

Magnesium deficiency is characterized by loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, confusion, tremors, loss of coordination and, occasionally, fatal convulsions.

Positive claims:

1) Protective against cardiovascular disease and helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure; 2) beneficial in the treatment of the premenstrual syndrome; 3) helps prevent kidney stones and gallstones; 4) useful in the treatment of prostate problems; 5) useful in the treatment of polio and the post polio syndrome; 6) aids in fighting depression; 7) effective in the treatment of convulsions in pregnant women and prevents premature labor.

It is also important for the electrical stability of cells, the maintenance of membrane integrity, muscle contraction, nerve conduction and the regulation of vascular tone.

It is now recognized that even marginal magnesium deficiency can predispose one to life threatening cardiac dysrhythmias (disruption of normal heart rhythms). Magnesium supplementation may protect against ischemic heart disease (oxygen starvation of heart muscle caused by spasms or narrowing and clogging of the arteries leading to the heart).

Magnesium, RDA: 350 mg (male), 300 mg (female)

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