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High Performance Carbo was developed using the latest research concerning electrolyte loss and prevention of lactic acid buildup during intense workouts and competition.

A double blind study completed at Oregon State University showed a 24.5% increase in endurance for those cyclists using High Performance Carbo.

High Performance Carbo moves into the bloodstream as quickly as plain water, and does a better job of enhancing energy.

When your muscles need energy, they use the glucose floating around in your blood first. This causes your blood sugar level to fall, which causes glucagon to be released. Glucagon causes stored glycogen to be converted back into glucose, restoring your blood sugar level to normal and providing a steady supply of fuel.

For higher V02max levels and faster recovery rates, High Performance Carbo is the Most Advanced Ergogenic Formula of its Kind.

Your liver stores some of the glucose as glycogen, and sends the rest back into your bloodstream to provide immediate energy for the rest of your body, to be stored in the muscles as glycogen, or to be converted into fat.

High Performance Carbo combines a high proportion of glucose polymers with small amounts of fructose for fast absorption. The latest research on carbohydrate drinks concludes that during intense exercise 7-10% solutions of glucose polymers plus small amounts of fructose are absorbed faster than water or simple glucose.

There are many anecdotal reports that people feel better, in general, when they regularly consume acidophilus.

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