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Since every person has a different chemical make-up, our ratings may be above or below yours, therefore a good rating can become a excellent rating for you or vise versa.

EPH 833 (Ephedra)


EPH 833 has been discontinued by the manufacturer because of the banning of Ephedra by the Government.

Please check out LIFT or ULTRA PEP-BACK for a replacement.

The central ingredient in EPH 833 is the herb ephedra. Ephedra has been misrepresented by the media and the FDA. It has been given the rap of causing heart attacks.

Let’s get the facts straight. The only reason ephedra did cause heart attacks is because these people saw the effects with its recommended dosage, so they upped their dosage to double or more expecting to get double the results, what they got was a overdose.

EPH 833's thermogenic properties make sure your metabolism kicks into high gear.

EPH 833 possesses what is called a thermogenic effect. This is a process by which heat is generated through the stimulation of your body's brown fat activity. Brown fat tissue contains an extremely dense concentration of energy producing structures called mitochondria.

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Any vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or herb can cause severe health problems if misused. If they followed the recommended amount to take, nothing would have happened to them except fat loss and increased energy, unless they had some sort of health condition in the first place.

Each calorie you consume becomes an efficient energy source, making sure nutrients are channeled towards lean muscle tissue and away from fat tissue.

Mitochondria produce energy from food. Brown fat is biologically equipped to burn or oxidize lipids, ridding the body of excess fat. EPH 833 stimulates this brown fat by creating more surface binding sites for epinephrine.

This stimulation makes the fat cells burn fat faster while sparing muscle tissue.

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