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EPA (Eicosopentaenoic acid)

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If the fish oil was causing excitement a few years ago, it is inciting something akin to a revolution today.

Originally touted, with justification, for it’s cardiovascular protective effects, EPA is now the subject of feverish research, some of which suggests that the remarkable oil may also be helpful in arthritis and other inflammatory disorders, in hypertension, psoriasis, possibly even in some forms of cancer and kidney disease.

People began getting excited about fish oil when epidemiologic studies of Eskimos end Japanese, who consume large quantities of fish and other marine life rich in this oil, were completed and the results analyzed.

Positive claims:

1) Protects against cardiovascular disease; 2) protects against hypertension; 3) useful in the treatment of arthritis and other inflammatory disorders; 4) helpful in the treatment of psoriasis and other skin problems; 5) helps prevent/treat cancer; 6) therapeutic in kidney disease.

The oil contains one long-chain fatty acid called eicosopentaenoic acid (EPA) that affects the synthesis of prostaglandins, a complex family of hormone-like substances that have far-reaching regulatory effects in the body. Most of the interest has thus far focused on EPA.

Researchers found that both groups studied are at far lower risk than most other populations of suffering from various heart and circulatory disorders, which are among the major killers of our time.

Negative claims:

1) Toxic; 2) harmful in diabetics; 3) can cause vitamin deficiencies.

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