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Without protein (which the body breaks down into amino acids), you can't build muscle—it's as simple as that. However, that doesn't mean the more protein you consume, the bigger your muscles will get.

Between 1 and 1.5 grams of quality protein per pound of body weight each day is recommended.

If you don't have protein with each meal, your blood sugar bounces around all day. One minute you feel great; the next you feel tired, but if you always balance your meals with protein and carbs, your energy levels stay more stable.

In addition to providing your muscles with the "building blocks" necessary to grow, protein has a nice effect on insulin (a hormone that plays a key role in regulating blood-sugar levels as well as carbohydrate and amino-acid metabolism).

There are all kinds of protein supplements available: milk and egg protein, soy, beef, even vegetable protein.

Out of all of these different protein supplements, Ion-exchange whey protein has a superior biological value (which means it will "yield" more usable grams of protein than other protein supplements).

1-Workout Delivery gives Designer Ion-Exchange Whey Protein