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Yogurt, kefir and some other health food items are milk fermented by the bacterium Lactobacillus Acidophilus (and other bacteria).

Acidophilus is useful in the maintenance of intestinal and vaginal ecologic balance.

Acidophilus helps keep alive those harmless or useful microorganisms that if eliminated might be replaced by potentially harmful pathogens.

Many doctors recommend acidophilus for the purpose of preventing, for example, yeast infections of the vagina. (Do not use acidophilus intravaginally, however, without directions to do so from your doctor.)

Acidophilus and various of its products are said, without documentation, to lower cholesterol levels, clear the skin, extend life span and enhance immunity.

People taking oral antibiotics over long periods of time may benefit from oral acidophilus or intravaginal acidophilus.

Recently, it was reported acidophilus daily reduced the incidence of vaginitis threefold in a study of women with a history of recurrent vaginal candida infections.

There are many anecdotal reports that people feel better, in general, when they regularly consume acidophilus.

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