1-Workout Delivery wants you to feel comfortable and confident when you do business with us so we have put together this page of customer testimonials on our services, and products to assure you that you are our number one concern for quality customer service and support, without you we would not exist, and we never forget that. Feel free to call or e-mail the testimonials that elected to leave their phone number and or e-mail. We hope this will secure your confidence with us. We are here to serve you.


I’ve had the great privilege to train with one of the most influential people in my life. When I first started working out, I did only what I knew I could. My 1-Workout Delivery Trainer has not only helped me to do what is possible, but has pushed me to my potential; beyond what I had ever expected and hoped of for myself.
I’ll never forget how anxious and motivated I was when I first began working with her. Not only is she the epitome of all that I strive for physically, but an inspiration. I never thought that working out would be so exciting and thrilling! She guides me with her gentle intensity to master my goals.
She keeps me on track; always reminding me that my goals aren’t so far ahead, and that I am indeed getting stronger and more fit every time I work out. Most importantly, she never fails to provide me with the fuel to stick to it . . . motivation.
In the past I’ve never stuck to my workouts for one reason or another. She renews me with dedication. Her great physique shows how important fitness is to her and the results of true commitment and hard work, which in itself is motivating and is something that I hope to instill within myself. She carries that same commitment to her clients.
She knows and understands how important and essential physical fitness is to fulfilling and satisfying a person’s self, and she express her dedication through her clients. Her commitment to my physical fitness will always continue to inspire me to achieve the best within myself, and motivate me to believe in myself; to know that my goals are real, and can be met.
She’s taught and guided me to finding the most essential and powerful tool a person can possess . . . and that’s confidence. I’m wearing shorts now just like all the other teenagers! : )
Thank – you for being my teacher, my partner, and my inspiration. You will always be a role model through my eyes. Thank – you for believing in me and for your friendship.

I am very impressed with the skill and experience level of my 1-Workout Delivery trainer. My Posture is a lot better after only a few sessions, my energy is back up and now I look forward to everyday again. My husband who is a Chiropractor has utilized 1-Workout Delivery to help his injured patients for almost 20 years. Experience counts. Go with 1-Workout Delivery. I am sure glad I did.

I am a 67 year old male. Other than my efforts with 1-Workout Delivery in the last year-an-a-half, the only activity I have taken part in during the last 12 years is long distance cycling, averaging about 2000 miles per year. Prior to that, I never took part in any sport. Over the better part of 50 years, I developed a well-entrenched habit of inactivity. To put it mildly, my upper body strength was poor. I also have hypertension and had angioplasty nearly 6 years ago.
My 1-Workout Delivery Trainer has carefully brought me to a much better physical state – all while keeping my personal needs in view. By personal experience and observation of how he works with others, My trainer demonstrates a keen sensitivity to the specific needs of his clients, and their individual goals.
As a professional developer of health assessment software, my estimate of the quality of 1-Workout Delivery’s “product” is very high. The program fits right in with the best of healthy lifestyles. My experience with 1-Workout Delivery is highly positive and has produced observable results.
All-in-all, I am very pleased with 1-Workout Delivery. I will continue this association for years to come.

My trainer is a lot of fun to work with! He has a great sense of humor, which helps the workout time fly by. He pays close attention to how I'm performing each exercise, and corrects me if I'm wrong. This helps keep me motivated. He also has some good personal habits that I really appreciate. He's prompt, which is critical to my schedule. If he is running a few minutes late, he calls to tell me so. He's organized, which in today's busy world is much appreciated. He also always returns phone calls, usually within the hour.
In the three years that I have been a 1-Workout Delivery customer, I have been very pleased with my workout program and my trainer. I can foresee continuing to use the service for many years to come.

My 1-Workout Delivery Trainer is very knowledgeable with the industry and has been a great motivator to me!
I am pleased with the results of the program. It is a good feeling to see changes in my body every time I work out with my trainer!

I give my 1-Workout Delivery trainer high marks for timeliness, attitude, follow through, being ready to give me your undivided attention. I realize that many people want to say hi to you, or ask you questions, but you do a good job of staying focused with your client. The overall experience is good. It is obvious that I feel you want to contribute to my goals, or I wouldn't hire you again. For me the accountability is good. Also for me your genuine interest in my achieving my goals is very important. I feel that you are
genuinely interested in my success. I also paid for a friend to take 4 sessions with your co worker. If I'm willing to pay for someone else, then I must believe in you! Thanks for a great job... I'm on my way to the gym.

My 1-Workout Delivery trainer is very dedicated. She works hard at making you meet your goals. She has made the workout a very positive experience.
I have nothing but positive things to say about my 1-Workout Delivery trainer. I am sure if I stick to the 1-Workout Delivery program, I will reach my goals.

My 1-Workout Delivery trainer was motivating and extremely professional. He was very understanding to my needs, he gave me a little push when I needed it. I would recommend my 1-Workout Delivery trainer for just about anyone who needs motivation to start or someone that is just beginning or experienced in exercise.
My overall experience with 1-Workout Delivery was great! This program gave me the confidence I needed to get up every morning to go to the gym. I now have the tools to workout on my own and I know that if I need questions answered I can call my 1-Workout Delivery trainer. I would recommend 1-Workout Delivery to anyone who needs confidence, help using exercise equipment, and need that extra push.

My 1-Workout Delivery trainer seems truly concerned about helping and getting you started in the program. He is also very accessible, always calls you back and leaves several phone numbers where he can be reached.
Overall a positive experience.

Thank God for my 1-Workout Delivery trainer, I couldn't ask for a better fit. She is tough; she gives me that little extra push I need that without her I wouldn't achieve. She also understands about the days when you just can't muster up the strength that you had on good days. We jump into the workout with a positive attitude and she never hesitates to tell me how awesome and strong I am. I really look forward to the days that we train
I am so happy that I made the decision to hire 1-Workout Delivery to help me achieve my goals. My attitude towards life has made a huge turn around; I feel for the first time that I really can achieve my goal. I have been fighting and obsessing over my weight for most of my life and for the first time I feel relaxed. My family and I are very excited about the progress that I have made, my muscles are so much stronger (the numbers prove it) and my confidence has dramatically increased.

My 1-Workout Delivery trainer is a professional. He has a good training manner in that he keeps you focused and working while still allowing for humor and whining when getting fatigued! He explaines the exercises well adjusting your technique until you feel the current muscle working. He is prompt in returning phone calls and answering questions. He keeps it fun.
I started this program because I wanted to strengthen my lower back and tone up my arms and legs. I also want to guard against osteoporosis. My teenage daughter was first to start this program for weight loss and conditioning. He has made all the difference for her to stay with this program. You start at your own level and progress at your own rate, always getting maximum results with each workout. It has been a positive experience.

My 1-Workout Delivery trainer is AWESOME!!! She made me feel comfortable right away. She is knowledgeable and she wasn't afraid to share it with me. She is a great example of fitness. She looks great. I want my abs to look like hers. I am so excited and I owe it to my 1-Workout Delivery trainer and her positive energy. I will definitely tell my friends.

It has been a good one, My 1-Workout Delivery trainer is great. He has been very understanding with me, and he has been patient. I love having a program. Sometimes when I work those 3 long days, I find it hard to exercise. I feel very comfortable working with my 1-Workout Delivery trainer. I would recommend this program to my friends, and will have him come back to check my progress.

Our 1-Workout Delivery trainer made a good impression with his friendliness and ability to take control of our senior age group. He was quick to answer every question and gave each member his full attention and good advice.

Our 1-Workout Delivery trainer was very professional as well as thoughtful. He is very aware of older persons problems and was considerate of individual weaknesses.

I liked our 1-Workout Delivery trainer very much. He had patience with older people. I liked the things he had us do and I learned how to use the equipment.

I really enjoy it, because I don’t feel like I have to buy every magazine that is telling me how to lose weight and I don’t feel pressured to go on a fad diet. This is a lifestyle change. I feel like I can do this the rest of my life and when the numbers aren’t exactly where you want them the 1-Workout Delivery personal trainer keeps you motivated. They want you to succeed too!